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IBM Extreme Blue and Communications

BM's Communications team partners with Extreme Blue Interns every year to work on graphics for their final presentations in Armonk, New York. Extreme Blue is a fast paced internship and therefore the communications designers need to work just as fast, finishing everything up over the summer. This involves helping prep presentations, create technical posters that explain the new products, and promotional posters to entice people to read in and ask more questions. During this time each designer juggles 3-4 teams as while as the normal communications work.

I had the chance to travel to Ottawa to work directly with teams there, and realized the importance of face to face collaboration in projects like this. You can do so much over the phone but sitting in the same room speeds the process up substantially.

CASCON Convention

CASCON is a premier industrial and academic conference in computer science and software engineering. Hosted by IBM Advanced Studies and IBM Canada Laboratory, CASCON attracts developers, researchers, innovators, technologists, and decision makers from a variety of sectors including academia, industry, and government. We all come together to discover and discuss technology trends, share knowledge, form collaborations, write proposals, present papers, exhibit prototypes, and showcase products.

The Communications team helps with all CASCON print deliverables, photography and anything else creative. This involves a month of prep work and full time during the actual Convention.

ACM Programming Contest

Similarly to CASCON, ACM is another large event in which the communications team helps with the majority of the signage. ACM signage sticks to a very precise style guide; therefore, there isn't too much room for creativity here, but the interesting thing is ACM happens in assorted places every year (the last few have been Russia, Morocco and Thailand). Due to this we have to finish the designs in quick order to get them over to the contest and printed.


Deliverables for ACM usually are in the 50s-60s quantity, due within 2 weeks.

The IBM Communications team is in charge of event promotional materials, website design, photography, and video creation for everything that goes on inside the Canada labs. We do all the printing and shipping of posters; web banners on the internal site; and are active during events, running around with a camera. It may be as simple as free popcorn on a Wednesday afternoon to big events such as ACM Programming Contest and CASCON.

Due to the fact communications is not an IBM product per say, I'm allowed to get super creative with a lot of the promotional assets which are being created.