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Credit Card Application

Customer Acquisitions | Costco Partnerships
Type of Work:
UX Design | Research | Visual Design



Costco customers need a way to apply for the Capital One Costco Credit Card right in the store. Warehouses are provided with tablets that offer the application, but how do we make it truly mobile-first and user-friendly experience.

The Challenge:
Create a truly mobile-first credit card application experience for Costco warehouses.

Costco's in warehouse application was migrating from an old system to a new one. This posed for the perfect opportunity to take a look at the old experience and figure out what could be changed to improve both the Costco member and employees' time during the application process.​

Costco Visits and Problems with the Current Experience
Build customers or customers with low lines of credit.

Last year our team headed out to two Costco warehouses to investigate the current in store application process. We wanted to discover problems that could be addressed during the migration from PONG (the old system) to Dynamic App (the new system).

We met with Costco employees to chat about the current process and our visit uncovered multiple problems.

So what were the main problem areas we wanted to focus on?


Email Capture Rate
Tablet Hand Off
Disclosure Acceptance

The warehouse email capture rate in the Costco Warehouse is much lower than our online email capture.

There is too much tablet handoff between the Costco employee and the customer.

Costco employees are accidentally accepting disclosures for the customer - which is a legal issue.

Consumer Alert

Customers were missing the call-in number when their application was pending a credit check.

Tablet Friendly

The PONG design is generally not tablet friendly and could have a lot of upgrades to the experience

Hypothesized Solutions

Going into user testing, we wanted to learn some things about the flow that was designed over the past week


  • Understand if the IA (groupings and labels) the team came up with are intuitive and work with users’ mental models 

  • Uncover potential design issues we may want to tweak before testing further in UserLabs Phase 2 and market 

  • Assess if users can effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily complete the tasks of signing up, and making a payment using the new feature

User Testing Learnings

  Customers thought this page 

      was clear

-    Customers thought the page

     had more details than


  Payment flow was clear and the

     necessary payment options

     were listed

-    Processing time message was

     too small, users often missed it

?   Users are wondering if there

     could be more payment options

     that can either benefit them or

     provide more flexibility (auto


  Information was clear and it

      was understood how to find

      the information.

  Users enjoyed how they

      were able to have their

      banking information saved.

?   Customers were wondering

      why there wasn't an edit

      screen or verification screen

      in case a mistake was made

      when their information was


Key Outcomes

Be transparent during the entire experience.

Customers will not change their behaviour to change platforms unless they see clear value

Make key information, especially payment posting timelines and payment due dates very clear and upfront.

Simplify the language - bank terms don't translate well for user experience.

Each green dot represents a design or content change made due to results from user labs.