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Type of Work:
UX Design | Research | Visual Design



Costco customers need a way to apply for the Capital One Costco Credit Card right in the store. Warehouses are provided with tablets that offer the application, but how do we make it truly mobile-first and user-friendly experience.

The Challenge:
How might we give customers transparency throughout their entire on-boarding process.

Capital One Customers need to make payments to their credit cards through their main financial institutions. This often means +3 days of funds that are just floating around. No longer in a customer's bank account, but not freeing up more credit on their card. For people who are trying to build their credit score with low lines of credit, this is often a very stressful period of time.

Capital One has the technical ability to build real-time payments for customers, where their payment will go through and open up credit almost instantly for more spending. But the biggest question is what would that experience look like? 

The Target User For First Release:
Build customers or customers with low lines of credit.

Eventually, this feature will hit all customers who have a Capital One card, but we wanted to put a focus on a first initial test group. Collecting data from prior research done in the field of customer payment behaviours, we landed on the recommendation for our tech teams to focus on:

Build Customers who often have low credit limits and depend on funds being freed up quickly. 


Once this group has made a payment, they are often asking the question: “

Where did my money go?” 

So what's the reasoning for choosing them - and value will we get out of

focusing on them first?


Value #1
Value #2
Value #3

We know them better than their banks​.

We can provide enhanced transparency​.

This audience will demand better UX which will give us feedback going into the full rollout.

The Design Sprint:

To tackle this complex experience properly, we needed to get everyone in the same room - and on the same page. Payments are a complicated area in itself, with lots of legal, technical and other dependencies we needed to sort out before we could even start looking at an ideal experience. 

In collaboration with Capital One's Mobile Designer, we jointly facilitated a 4-day design sprint that had everyone included from lawyers, to Capital One Designers in the US and the UK. 

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