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The first step of canFURence work was to figure out branding. I sat in on a few meetings with the Chairs of the convention to figure out the exact needs. We finalized that the logo had to be representative of Canada, or more ideally Ottawa, and incorporate the earthy tones of nature and promote anthropomorphized animals.

I took this advice and started crafting something that screamed Canada. Initially everyone wanted me to focus on the colours brown and red but I found the contrast between the two didn't blend that well. I fought for the grey and red colour scheme because it still had earthy tones but flowed much better in both colour and black

and white.





Print Designs

Because canFURence was a convention, not only did we need web promotion but we also needed print promotion to go into brochures, magazines and the like around Ottawa. These designs were done in collaboration with the Guest of Honour (canFURence hosts a well known artist every year, and the artwork on the print promotional material is done by that artist to help

increase audience).


The first year was a very big push on Canada, showing that this was a Canadian convention in the capital. The second year, 2017, was based on a jungle adventure. The print promotional material needed to show this. Below are some of the designs that showed up in numerous convention booklets, brochures, and newsprint.

One of my close friends asked me fall 2015 if I was free to put some volunteer work into a new convention she was in the process of planning with a few other coworkers. I really stood behind the idea and wanted to help as much as I could, so I joined their team as the main UX/UI Designer, as well as a part time graphic designer for print deliverables.


The convention was called canFURence and it was the first of it's kind in Ottawa. Similar to other projects, this gave me the chance to collaborate with people across Canada and work on a team that was really passionate about what they

were doing.

Registration UI/UX Work

The next step was to do a complete UX audit of the registration to make it easy as possible for people to purchase badges. We also needed this to work on mobile as there is a growing trend of registering for events like this while on the go. 

I collaborated using Slack with the remote developers and worked around the issues we were encountering - people getting confused as to how to get to registration, confused around the idea of creating an account for registration. After a few iterations we found something that worked, and tested it with some potential users to make sure it was as straight forward as possible. 

Finally I did a run through of the site and made edits on mobile to make sure everything sized properly for all screens - and make sure the entire site adhered to the style guide. 

Mobile Registration Home

Mobile Homepage